The Workout

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the moves you’ll do.


Directions: Do each exercise for 45 seconds, resting 15 seconds between exercises. At the end of each round, rest 60-90 seconds. Beginners: Do 2-3 rounds Advanced: Do 3-5 rounds


Optional: Use dumbbells for the goblet squat and lateral lunge.

Goblet Squat to Rainbow Plank

x 45 seconds

Goblet Squat
Rainbow Plank
  • You’ll need 1 or 2 dumbbells to do this exercise.
  • Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart and core engaged. If you’re using 1 weight, hold the weight at chest height, close to your body, with both hands. If you’re using 2 dumbbells, hold one in each hand at your sides.
  • Send your hips back and bend knees to drop into a squat, allowing knees to bend to at least 90 degrees.
  • At the lowest point of your squat, set the weight on the floor and then place both hands on the floor directly under your shoulders, so you’re in a low squat with hands on the floor.
  • Jump both feet back to come into a high plank.
  • Lower onto your right forearm, then left forearm to come into a forearm plank.
  • Now, with your core engaged, slowly lower your right hip to the right so it comes close to the floor. Return to center, then lower your left hip to the left so it taps (or comes close to) the floor.
  • Once completed, return to a high plank position, and walk or hop feet toward hands to return to a low squat. Stand to complete the move.

Poliquin Squat

x 45 seconds

Poliquin Squat
  • This is a fun variation on a traditional squat. You can use 1 or 2 dumbbells for this exercise (or none at all, if you prefer). If you are using 2, allow your arms to hang at your sides, if you are using 1 dumbbell, hold it with both hands at chest height.
  • Do a squat by sending your hips back, engaging your core and glutes, and bending both knees to come to 90-degrees.
  • Now stand up halfway, keeping your glutes engaged, into what is basically a half squat.
  • From the half squat position, drop again into your lowest squat position.
  • Now stand up all the way, squeezing your glutes and keeping your core engaged as you stand.
  • Think of this move as an elevator with 3 levels: top, middle, bottom. So the movement should be: top to bottom, to middle to bottom, to top.

Walk-Out to Push-Up

x 45 seconds

Mia Kang - walk-out
  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and core engaged. Hinge forward at the hips and place both hands on the floor.
  • Keeping core engaged and legs straight, walk hands forward one at a time to come into a high plank position.
  • From here, do a push-up. Bend both elbows, and lower chest, hips, and legs toward the floor in a single movement. Keep core engaged so hips don’t sag and stop when your elbows reach 90-degrees. Straighten arms to return to the high plank position, then walk hands back to your feet, and stand to complete the exercise.
  • Make it easier: You can do a modified push-up from your knees. Walk out to come into a high plank position, then gently lower both knees to the floor. With your core tight and hips level, bend both elbows and lower your chest toward the floor. Keep both your feet on the floor throughout (do not bend your knees or bring your toes toward your butt). Straighten arms to return to starting position.

Lateral Lunge

x 45 seconds on each side

Lateral Lunge
  • You’ll need 1 or 2 dumbbells for this exercise.
  • Stand with feet together and core engaged. If you’re using 2 weights, your arms can stay at your sides; if you’re using 1, hold the weight with both hands at chest height.
  • Take a big step to the right side with your right foot, and immediately bend right knee to sink into a lateral lunge, sending your butt back, and keeping your left leg perfectly straight. If you’re using 2 weights, allow your left hand to gently come in front of your body, while the weight in the right hand stays at your side.
  • Push off your right foot, and return to starting position.
  • Repeat on the same side for 45 seconds, then do the other side.

Body Dip

x 45 seconds

Triceps Dips
  • Grab a bench, box, or sturdy chair for this move. Sit on the edge of the box, and place both hands at your sides, with fingers turned toward your body.
  • Using your arms, lift your hips a few inches off the box and walk your feet a few inches forward.
  • With your core and glutes engaged, bend both elbows until they get to 90 degrees, allowing your hips to lower toward the floor. You can stay flat on your feet, or rest only on your heels. Either way, very little weight should be in your feet.
  • Extend both arms to return to starting position, without allowing yourself to sit on the box. Repeat.